My first post

When you live in L.A., everyone knows a healer of some sort who can fix you. Doesn’t matter what’s wrong with you, the person will SWEAR that this person is AMAZING and can DEFINITELY get you OFF ALL MEDICATION and have you feeling better than ever.


And a popular phrase has become “leaky gut.” I have been tested for gluten sensitivity, allergy, intolerance, etc. til the gluten cows came home and I’m fine. I also grew up in a big east coast Jewish family where our favorite activity is sitting around the table cutting “slivers” of cake and rye bread while we catch up (and gossip). And I do love a good black and white cookie. But when I had to go back on prednisone for a flare, it was all bets off.

Things I no longer eat (for now) — gluten, soy, peanuts, night shade vegetables, processed foods, white sugar. That’s off the top of my head.

But I’m a Jewish Jersey girl, and there’s no denying my genetic love of carbs. Lately I’ve been jonesing for carrot cake. So I decided I’d take the Barefoot Contessa’s recipe and make some, shall we say, “adjustments…” Which required more “adjustments” as I went along. Lesson learned: if you’re using maple syrup or honey, and you haven’t eaten regular sugar in a while, do not substitute equal parts! So I kept adding stuff to take away the sweetness. They’re in the oven now, loaded with carrots, pineapple, walnuts, unsweetened coconut and almond flour instead of white. They’re either gonna be really good or really not.

Stand by…

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